Leonardo Da Vinci
Demon Hunter

Leonardo Da Vinci: Demon Hunter

Cover colours by Ferdinando Batistini

When Leonardo left Florence for Milan in 1482, he would have previously spent his entire life in Tuscany.

At the time this story is set, he was a young man leaving the place where had grown up to move to another city/state, where everything was different: government, climate, habits, even the language.

In Milan Leonardo found the inspiration to create some of his better known masterpieces, such as The Last Supper or the Lady with an Ermine. However, his biggest challenge ended up being a very unexpected one...

Welcome! Leonardo Da Vinci: Demon Hunter is going to be a historical fantasy, with some fictional elements coming from my imagination, but the historical context and the characterisation of the protagonists will (try to) be realistic, based on what we know about them thanks to documents, monuments and historians. And yes, there will be demons to hunt as well.

The first eight panels of this new comic series have made their debut on 23rd and 24th September 2017 at Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival in Leeds (UK). I will post soon in this page some information about where to get a copy online.

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